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Discovering China: An Unforgettable Journey with MW Tours’ China Famil


In the heart of China’s diverse landscapes, MW Tours has just finished an expedition of unparalleled discovery. Led by the experienced Karen Robertson BDM NSW/ACT, a group of Australian travel agents embarked on a journey that seamlessly merged adventure, luxury, and profound cultural immersion

Commencing their odyssey with a comfortable journey on Xiamen Airlines, the group arrived in the bustling city of Xiamen, ready to explore the wonders that awaited. The historic Amoy Yatsen Road, reminiscent of bustling urban centers like Manhattan and Ginza, served as a prelude to the remarkable experiences that lay ahead.

Each day brought forth a new chapter in the tale of exploration. From the tranquil beauty of Wanshi Botanical Garden in Xiamen to the captivating allure of Kulangsu (Gulangyu Island), participants found themselves ensconced in a world of natural wonders and cultural marvels. Liyang’s South Mountain Bamboo Sea provided respite amidst lush greenery, while Changzhou and Taizhou unveiled the rich tapestry of China’s history through visits to Qingguo Alley, Tianning Temple, and the enthralling China Dinosaur Park.

In Taizhou, the serene ambiance of Liufang Tea House and the picturesque surroundings of Qin Tong Ancient Town offered glimpses into China’s tea culture and historical heritage. Journeying onwards to Nantong, the breathtaking vistas of Langshan Mountain and Haohe River scenic areas evoked moments of introspection amidst nature’s grandeur.

Days brimmed with unforgettable encounters, from witnessing the earliest sunrise at Yuantuojiao Point in Qidong to exploring Nanjing’s historic landmarks such as Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum and the ancient Ming Dynasty City Wall. Culinary delights awaited in Qitang City, while seafood feasts in Qidong left palates tingling with delight.

As the expedition continued, participants found themselves enriched by the wealth of experiences. The MW Tours China Famil was a wonderful opportunity to not only showcase this region of China’s rich & cultural tapestry but to reinstall first hand that tourism is very much open to the international market. It also has equipped the respective agents with confidence of the invaluable insights to better serve prospective clients that are looking to travel in and around the many unique & iconic sights and attractions that China has to offer.

If you would like to experience the beauty of the Jiangsu Region or explore any corner of China, we invite you to discover our range of tours to China.

Whether you’re interested in our existing tours or seeking a personalised itinerary, we’re dedicated to making your China travel dreams a reality.

Let MW Tours be your guide to unforgettable adventures in China!

MW Tours China Famil TourTravel Agent Attending: (Not in order)
Natalie Adamson – itravel Raymond Terrace NSW, Nicola Myers – Unley Park Travel SA, Alun Toner – Global Student Tours QLD, Karen Robertson – MW Tours – Business Development Manager NSW/ACT, Kim Armitage – Fairfield Travel QLD, Isabelle Chu – Bonaventure Travel WA, Aleisha Dissegna – Let’s Travel and Cruise Griffith NSW, Lisa Dunn – Andy’s World Travel East Maitland NSW, Isabelle Chu – Bonaventure Travel WA.

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