Japan & Northeast Asia is without a doubt our most popular continental destinations! Comprised of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, you can visit these countries individually, or combine two (or all of them!) for the ultimate touring experience. These countries are beautiful and diverse, home to some of the friendliest people on earth that will make your holiday one to remember.

Explore the bright lights of Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei, wandering through alleyways and past skyscrapers. Some of the busiest metropolises and metropolitan areas you will ever visit, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is the busiest crosswalk in the world with ample coffee shops surrounding it for people watching and tea (or coffee!).

Delicious food is a highlight throughout Northeast Asia, from market stalls to Michelin star rated cuisine. Wander the night markets in Taiwan for sticky rice dumplings and Bao Bing (shaved ice), order hot ramen from a vending machine in Japan, and dine on Bulgogi and Japchae (noodles) in South Korea.

Visit traditional temples, shrines, castles, and villages and learn about the rich histories and traditions of the Japanese, South Korean, and Taiwanese. Wander through the Hanok Village in Andong and watch cultural performances and dances, as well as see some of the local people who still experience rural life. Take the Bullet Train to World Heritage Listed Shirakawago in Japan, famous for the traditional Gassho farmhouses with their steep (often snow lined) thatched roofs.

Stunning natural scenery is also a highlight of Northeast Asia! Taiwan was once known as Formosa, which literally translates to “beautiful island”. With rocky formations, stunning cliffs and ocean views, the “heart pond”, Sun Moon Lake, and marble Taroko Gorge, you will need extra memory on your camera to capture these picturesque views. Cherry Blossom season is also a must see, with the beautiful blooms most popular in Japan, but equally vibrant in South Korea and Taiwan.