Southeast Asia is one of our favourite destinations, comprised of unique countries that are perfect for both first time and experienced travellers. From the popular Philippines and Vietnam, to lesser travelled Myanmar and Mongolia, there is sure to be a destination that intrigues you.

Beautiful nature is abundant. Swim through waterfalls in Laos, wander through temples overtaken by forests in Cambodia, enjoy a white Christmas in Mongolia, and marvel at the sunset in Myanmar. Of course we can’t forget island hopping in the pristine Philippines, and cruising on UNESCO World Heritage Listed Halong Bay.

Explore ancient Wats, cycle through some of the largest temple complexes in the world, and admire the massive monuments (some even carved by hand). You can’t visit Siem Reap without seeing the sunrise or sunset at Angkor Wat, whose reflective image is world famous.

The local people in each country as well known for their charm and welcoming nature, truly making your tour an unforgettable experience.