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MW Tours Celebrates Success of Mega Lekker Escape Famil Tour

Mega Lekker South Africa Famil Tour

MW Tours, a respected bespoke tour operator, takes a moment to reflect on the success of their recent “Mega Lekker Escape Famil Tour”. Guided by the experienced Karen Robertson, this impressive expedition traversed the diverse landscapes of Cape Town and the Eastern Cape of South Africa.The Mega Lekker Escape Famil Tour, meticulously crafted by MW Tours, aimed to deliver a curated experience, seamlessly blending adventure, luxury, and profound cultural immersion.

Australian travel agents embarked on a journey designed to exceed expectations, unfolding a tapestry of iconic destinations, unique activities, wildlife encounters, enchanting wine tours and cultural experiences resulting in the creation of enduring memories.Karen, shared her sentiments, stating, “The Mega Lekker Escape Famil has been truly a trip to remember. Every moment, from wildlife safari encounters to luxury accommodation and unique food and wine experiences, was carefully considered.

Our travel agents had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of South Africa, gaining firsthand knowledge to better serve their clients.This tour embraced exclusive stays, featuring the opulent Taj Hotel Cape Town, the expansive Arabella Hotel, Golf and Spa, and the totally unique, boutique properties of Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa in Knysna and Mantis No.5 Boutique Art Hotel in Port Elizabeth. The group also had the pleasure of experiencing the iconic Shamwari and Sanbona Private Game Reserves where they were exposed to amazing and memorable game drives.
Home to the Big 5, Shamwari offers an array of accommodation for everyone. We were fortunate to stay in Long Lee Manor, the most elegant lodge, offering a classic and opulent safari experience where luxury met breathtaking views.

We were treated to sundowner drinks and sunset safaris watching wildlife in close proximity. These experiences were next level and gave a whole new meaning to ‘once in a lifetime experiences.”
What the Travel Agents Had to Say: Our travel agent guests couldn’t stop raving about the Mega Lekker Escape Famil! They loved the well-thought-out itinerary, the immersive cultural experiences, the incredible food and wine culinary delights and how everything just flowed seamlessly. From exploring historical landmarks and diving into vibrant local markets to savouring the genuine vibe of Soweto, our Mega Lekker Escape Famil Tour was an absolute hit with everyone!

MW Tours is acknowledged for offering discerning travellers unique and unforgettable journeys. With a commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and unmatched expertise. This year MW Tours continues to make a mark as a respected specialist wholesale tour operator in the travel industry.

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