Visiting Japan during Cherry Blossom season is a once in a lifetime experience, enhancing the beauty of an already stunning country. For a short window each Spring, stunning cherry blossom flowers bloom across Japan. Starting in the south, the picturesque floral sea gradually spreads north across the country. Known as ‘Sakura’ in Japan, the national flower signifies the changing of the seasons, and is a time for renewal and hope. During this time the local people enjoy their time outdoors, with dedicated areas for picnics underneath the blossoms. Our Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour is our most popular for a reason, you won’t be disappointed exploring Japan during this beautiful time!

Cherry Blossoms also bloom across South Korea and Taiwan! Approximately two weeks after the short season in Japan, pink flowers adorn the landscapes of South Korea and Taiwan. As with Japan, the spring floral season starts in the south and travels to the north, giving you plenty of time to explore while these beautiful flowers are blossoming.