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Taiwan Welcomes Travellers Back After Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years

13 May, 2024

Following the recent seismic event off Taiwan’s east coast, the island nation is already extending a warm welcome back to travellers eager to experience its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Despite encountering its strongest earthquake in 25 years, Taiwan has swiftly restored infrastructure and resumed normal activities, showcasing its resilience and determination to emerge even stronger.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Taiwan has admirably demonstrated its unwavering commitment to safety and rapid recovery efforts.

Thanks to the concerted endeavors of local authorities and communities, travelers can once again explore the captivating beauty of Taiwan’s diverse regions.

A recent video shared by the Taiwan Tourism ANZ, underscores the progress made in disaster recovery efforts and expresses gratitude for the support received.

While the earthquake primarily impacted Hualien County, the rest of Taiwan remains unaffected and open for visitors to discover and enjoy.

Despite initial concerns, MW Tours has observed minimal disruptions in tour bookings to Taiwan, indicating a continued strong demand for travel to this popular destination.

Taiwan’s enduring allure as a top travel destination remains undiminished, with travelers expressing unwavering enthusiasm to rediscover its beauty and hospitality. Whether exploring its vibrant cities or tranquil countryside, Taiwan promises an unforgettable journey filled with enriching experiences.

The Taiwan Tourism Board encourages travellers to continue to check their website and social media pages for further updates and queries.

For more information about MW Tours’ Taiwan travel packages, please visit MW Tours website.

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