South Korea is gaining popularity as a tourist destination, thanks to its rich culture and traditions, friendly locals, and beautiful natural scenery. It is the ideal alternative to Japan if you are looking to travel somewhere new in Northeast Asia.

Perhaps the most well known area in South Korea is the capital Seoul, a metropolis known for its technology and eclectic fashion, combined with ancient temples and palaces. Here you can wander the streets lined with blooming cherry blossoms, or vibrant foliage depending on the season. You can even see a brief glimpse of snow during the winter months.

The main attractions of South Korea aren’t just in Seoul. Visit the beautiful island of Jeju and snorkel or relax on the beaches, explore Jagalchi Fish Market in bustling Busan, or visit one of country’s many UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites in Gyeongju. Immersing yourself in one of the traditional Folk Villages is also essential, giving you a chance to learn about traditional architecture and history, while seeing how local residents still live in the villages.

If you are hoping for a look at elusive North Korea, the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) between the two countries is the closest you can get. This area is only accessible with a reputable tour company and military escort – something MW Tours can definitely assist with!