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Small Group Touring in Cambodia – Best Times to Visit

Cambodia is a lush tropical destination, with wet and dry seasons as you’d expect in any tropical area. This can affect both the prevalence of crowds and what you can see in the country. The best time for small group touring in Cambodia can depend significantly on what you would most like to see. Certain natural attractions rely on rains to look their best. Water transportation in the dry season can be challenging. Dirt roads, on the other hand, do not always fare well during monsoon season, and there can be delays. A well-informed tour company, such as MW Tours, is a must, as we know all the ins and outs of Cambodia and small group touring there.


The dry season in Cambodia runs from November to May. The first half of this period is the most popular time to visit Cambodia, meaning many prominent sites will be crowded. That is with good reason, though, as people enjoy temperatures in the mid-20s and no rain. After the very start of the season, however, the lack of rain starts to affect the level of the lakes in the country, making travel by water a bit more difficult. Some locations, such as flooded forests, will not hold the same magic as they do during the rainy season when they reach the height of their splendour. The trade-off can be worth it, however, as comfortable temperatures and no rain allow you more time outside and make climbing temple steps less of an effort. As the dry season wears on, it becomes hot and dry, and dust can become a challenge. Fewer tourists during this time, however, can make for quicker travel and less crowding. Small group tours in Cambodia can find themselves enjoying the May landscape and often escape the mid-day heat, which can go up to the mid-30s, by enjoying indoor pursuits in their hotels or a leisurely meal enjoying the local cuisine.

The Wet Season and Why It’s Better Than You Think

There is a prejudice among some travellers against visiting tropical countries during the wet season. This is understandable, as there are times that rainy conditions can make getting around unpleasant. Dirt roads, I’m looking at you. Yet, some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world resides in Cambodia – lush tropical vegetation, flooded forests, gorgeous lakes, and incredible waterfalls. These sights are at their very best during the wet season. Many travellers will tell you that for the most part, the rain is brief and comes as a relief to the heat of the day. With a quick downpour in the afternoon and again at night, the break from the heat is a welcome respite, and an opportunity to rest up for further adventures. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, consider the month of October – temperatures start to drop back below 30, the rains are easing up, and it is not quite the height of the tourist season.

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